Ocoee Founders’ Day Festival 26th Anniversary Sponsor

Sterling Medical Group is another Central Florida community staple and has 10 locations across the middle of the State. We are proud to have them supporting our neighborhood by being this year’s Anniversary Sponsor! Thanks Sterling for helping the festival go on!

The Sterling Way

“Sterling Medical Group specializes in treatment for car accident patients as well as slip and falls, and can treat and rehabilitate any injury. We offer pain management, neurological, and orthopedic services. Every patient we serve receives an individualized treatment program specific to his or her needs. Regardless if you feel immediate or delayed pain, it’s important to see a pain management doctor after an accident as soon as possible. Seeing a doctor will help prevent further injury and allow you to quickly begin treatment. Auto accidents result in physical and emotional injuries, property damage, lost wages. Sterling Medical Group is here to get you healthy again.”

The Sterling Approach To Patient Care

“Serving the Central Florida community, our friendly and compassionate staff focuses on patient well-being and providing pain relief in a timely manner and we treat our patients with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our staff understands that chronic pain robs patients of their quality of life and our goal is for patients to get back enjoying a pain-free life.”

Contact Sterling Medical Group to begin exploring your treatment options today!